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by Stevi on June 9, 2009

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Here in the Pacific Northwest, we seem to have transitioned from winter directly to summer. For me that means it’s time to rediscover cachaça, especially as International Cachaça Day approaches us on June 12. Tonight I’m enjoying a bottle of Boca Loca that was sent to me for review.

Pearl Button with Boca Loca Cachaça

Pearl Button with Boca Loca Cachaça

Boca Loca (“Crazy Lips” in Portuguese) comes to us from the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. On the nose, the scent of sugar cane is dominant. On the tongue, it’s quite sweet, with some melon flavors and maybe even some peach, with some additional vegetal flavors that I find I like in a quality cachaça.

Boca Loca makes a fantastic caipirinha, but we’ve already covered that drink at Two at the Most, so I wanted to discover something a little different. Most cachaça recipes stick to a fairly tried and true, narrow range of pairing the spirit with fruit and lime juice.

That’s why the recipe for the Pearl Button caught my eye. The inclusion of Lillet, one of my favorite fortified wines, made me interested to try this highball recipe created by Naren Young for Bobo Restaurant.

Pearl Button

2 oz cachaça (Boca Loca)
0.75 oz Lillet
0.5 oz lime juice
4 ounces San Pellegrino limonata (sub sparkling lemonade)

Shake cachaça, Lillet, and lime juice and strain into ice filled highball glass. Top with lemonade, and garnish with grapefruit wheel.

I rarely find grapefruit I like here, so I substituted a lime wheel and a dash of grapefruit bitters.

I found the result to be pleasantly dry. It allows the flavor of the Boca Loca to come through in a very pleasant way. This will definitely enter the rotation of cachaça drinks in my home bar.

Boca Loca is a quality affordable cachaça, retailing for around $20 a bottle. Pick up some of your own to celebrate International Cachaça Day. What’s your favorite cachaça drink?

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mallory elise June 10, 2009 at 6:56 am

favorite cachaca drink? duh it’s a caipirinha. but i have another i made last summer–my roommate and i were caught in a windstorm and the windows in our kitchen blew out of the house. naturally we wanted to drink. so we mixed sparkling cider with cachaca. excelllllent. and we called it shattered glass.

i had no idea there was a cachaca day—leave it to you (a Seattleite?) to of course know. i am biased because i am from seattle—have been living in spokane for the last 4 years though, at Gonzaga, but now im in Brazil! and beleive it or not–Sao Paulo state! coincidence. and yes i have been drinking a lot of cachaca…went to a cachaceria the other night for the first time, the list was about 75 different cachacas! it was mind boggling….anyways. love your site. as i love cocktails. if you are ever in spokane–for cocktails, I suggest Raw and Bistango. haha! this is a long comment….até a proxima


Liz June 16, 2009 at 2:44 pm

So, it turns out I live in one of the few states where you can buy Boca Loca. I did, then set my boyfriend to task to conjure up a pearl button. Yum. That is a fine summer cocktail- light on the palate and rather thirst quenching. Interestingly, we mixed the same recipe using another cachaca that was aged 2 years and much darker than the Boca Loca. It did not suit the mixture well since the flavor overwhelmed the other delicate flavors. Although it failed for the Pearl Button, the other cachaca (I can’t remember its name at the moment but it had a straw-wrapped bottle) made a superbly flavored caipirinha. Thank you for the inspiration!


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