BarSol Quebranta Pisco and the Sol de Oro

February 9, 2009

I never get tired of mentioning that I first discovered pisco on a trip to Peru. It was also in Peru that I discovered my other love, Peruvian horses. Imagine my delight when a bottle of BarSol Quebranta Pisco arrived for review. Not only was it a pisco, but it featured a logo of a […]

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My Journey with the Pisco Sour

February 6, 2009

I can trace my love of mixology through the evolution of my standards for homemade pisco sours. Like many Americans, I first discovered this delicious quaff on a trip to Peru. I had one every chance I could get, and picked up a bottle of acholado pisco at the duty free, along with some packets […]

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June 17, 2008

Our Spring has been quite cool this year in the Pacific Northwest. We did have a gorgeous weekend, so my thought are turning to Summer cooling drinks. Tonight I decided I would will the sun to come back by making something tasty. I opened up David Wondrich’s wonderful Killer Cocktails and came across the Piscadora. […]

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Damn Good Pisco Sour

January 29, 2008

In celebration of find a proper bottle of Peruvian pisco for sale in a Bellevue, Washington state liquor shop, I made Pisco Sours last night. Those made en el Norte can’t ever be right because we don’t have the right limes here, but I found the store-bought limes to work fine. You can’t get the […]

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