MxMo XXXVII: First Time — The Daiquiri

March 8, 2009

Two at the Most mixes up a daiquiri for Mixology Monday 37, and excellent drink for a newcomer to the cocktail world.

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Kilo Kai Spiced Rum

January 10, 2009

Liquor marketing is an interesting thing. Take Kilo Kai rum. Its website is chock full of electronic music and pictures of parties populated with busty broads. When I received a bottle for review, I was concerned this might be a style liquor with no substance. Happily, my first impressions were hasty. Kilo Kai is actually […]

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Hot Buttered Swedish Punsch

December 20, 2008

Here in Seattle, we’re battening down the hatches in preparation for Snowmageddon: The Return. In the calm before the storm, I took a short trail ride in the snow, and now that I’m back, I’m in need of a warming drink. Happily, I already had some hot buttered rum batter in my refrigerator, calling to […]

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Leblon Cachaça and the Caipirinha

November 14, 2008

Thursday Drink Night (TDN) at the Mixoloseum is becoming a favorite part of my week. I’m especially looking forward to the upcoming TDN (November 20), when the event is being sponsored by Leblon Cachaça. We will be joined by Leblon representatives, whom we can bombard with questions about their product, and Brazil’s unique liquor in […]

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MxMo XXXIII: Made from Scratch — Swedish Punsch and the Suédois de vanille

November 9, 2008

It’s Mixology Monday again. This month, Doug Winship at the Pegu Blog has declared the theme to be “Made from Scratch.” We are to make at least one of our own ingredients and decide if it’s worth the effort. I have written about Swedish Punsch before. This mix of Batavia arrack, neutral spirits, sugar, water, […]

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Pooh Bah Cocktail

November 3, 2008

Believe it or not, I still have a little bit of my bottle of Swedish Punsch left. Tonight I decided to find a recipe to appreciate it. I hit a real prize with the Pooh Bah cocktail. Pooh Bah Cocktail 3/4 oz gin (Bombay) 3/4 oz light rum (Flor de Caña 4 year Extra Dry […]

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Ginger Syrup

October 29, 2008

I love ginger. Ginger ale, ginger beer, gari, gingersnaps, gingered mashed potaotes, you name it, I will presume I’ll love it if it’s flavored with ginger. Back in my homebrewing days, I flirted with making my own ginger beer, but never followed through. I did make my own ginger syrup, and found that when mixed […]

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National Rum Day and the El Presidente

August 16, 2008

Here in the United States, we have a day for everything. There’s a national pound cake day, national pecan day, and even something on a stick day. August 16 particularly appeals to me because it’s National Rum Day. Just how this designation was set I haven’t been able to ascertain, but who cares? It’s an […]

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Black Tot Day

July 31, 2008

Attention! It was on this day in 1970 that the British Royal Navy discontinued the centuries old tradition of providing a daily rum ration, or “tot,” to its sailors. In rememberance of Black Tot Day, let us all raise a glass of grog: Grog 2 ounces water 1 ounce Jamaican rum (Pusser’s) 1/2 ounce lime […]

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Knickerbocker Cocktail, or You never know how much tart 1/2 lime will get you!

July 15, 2008

The Knickerbocker is one of those cocktails you must first clarify which you mean. In this case, I’m referring to the rum-based version that David Wondrich lists in both Killer Cocktails and Imbibe!. The more common recipe I see online (including the CocktailDB) is for a semi-perfect martini – gin, dry vermouth and a dash […]

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