Damn Good Pisco Sour

by Stevi on January 29, 2008

in Pisco

In celebration of find a proper bottle of Peruvian pisco for sale in a Bellevue, Washington state liquor shop, I made Pisco Sours last night. Those made en el Norte can’t ever be right because we don’t have the right limes here, but I found the store-bought limes to work fine.

You can’t get the right foamy goodness on top without using a blender, and i think the ice adds the right amount of dilution, anyway, so go with it:

recipe for four:
1 cup Peruvian pisco (i used Guacamayo, which is a pisco puro)
2 oz simple syrup
2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
white of one large egg
Angostura bitters (for garnish)

put everything but bitters in blender with 10-12 ice cubes. blend until the ice be no more.

pour into cocktail glasses, top with a dash or two of bitters.


The guacamayo may help me get over my preference for pisco acholado in a pisco sour, because the result was nicely balanced, and easy to drink. maybe too easy…

Here’s hoping I can keep finding Peruvian pisco in Washington. Oddly enough, the liquor board web site told me I should be able to find Barsol pisco acholado at the shop, which they didn’t have on the shelves (I didn’t ask if they had it in back). If you search for Guacamayo as a brand, you’ll find the listings, but not in the brandy list. Oh, Washington State LCB, how you tease me.

And don’t buy that crap in the maoi head bottle. That’s chilean. It’s an aromatic aguardiente that is not suitable to be called pisco. P’tui.

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