Genever Cocktails — The Amsterdam and the Rembrandt

by Stevi on October 6, 2008

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Having already tried the Basic, Fancy, and Improved Gin Cocktails with Genevieve Genever Gin, I wanted to find some additional drinks to use this great new ingredient.

The first that caught my eye was the Amsterdam Cocktail, which I found in the CocktailDB.

Amsterdam Cocktail

1 1/2 oz genever (Genevieve)
3/4 oz orange juice
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 dash orange bitters (Regan’s)

shake over ice, strain into cocktail glass

Genevieve Gin and the Amsterdam and Rembrandt Cocktails

Genevieve Gin and the Amsterdam and Rembrandt Cocktails

The orange juice is a great match with the malty genever flavor, and the Cointreau and orange bitters round out the flavor profile. This goes on the list of cocktails I can’t wait to try with other genevers as they become available.

Being in the greater Seattle area, I make the occasional trek to the Zig Zag Cafe. Last time I was there, I had the fortune to sit at the bar and be served by Murray Stenson himself.

Murray truly is a great bartender, both personable and fanatic about his craft. I asked him if he had any genevers on hand, and he let me try both an oude and jonge.

Oude, or old, style genever has a higher content of malt wine and tends to be sweeter than jonge genever, which has less malt wine in the original distillate.

I failed to write down the brands, but of the two, I preferred the jonge, finding it more interesting overall. I asked Murray if he had any ideas for a cocktail. He said he remembered a cocktail that someone had learned on a cruise ship and then taught to him. Apparenly, it originally called for raisins, as well, but this is how Murray made it for me:

Rembrandt Cocktail

1 3/4 oz genever
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/4 oz Drambuie

stir over ice, strain into cocktail glass, garnish with orange twist

Made with the jonge, this was a really refreshing, balanced cocktail. Genevieve is much sweeter than the jonge Murray used, but still makes a nice Rembrandt.

Apparently the traditional way to drink genever is straight, possibly on the rocks, so maybe that explains the dearth of genever cocktail recipes. I hope these two provide inspiration for people looking for ways to experiment with this taste that’s becoming more available to us in the US. Proost!

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