Gin and Tonic Slushie

by Stevi on July 1, 2013

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Today is the hottest day we’ve had in the Seattle area since 2010. It’s hot. And like most people I know, I have no air conditioning in my home. My home holds heat exceptionally well. I’m never cold in winter. But on hot stretches like this, I am very, very hot.

Gin and Tonic Slushie Having reached the point in the evening where it’s hotter in the house than outside, and not in a good, winter sort of way, I was seeking a better way to cool off. This is gin and tonic weather for me, but I drank a lot of them the last two days, and wanted something a little different.

Which is when I hit upon an idea I can’t believe I’ve never had before. Gin and tonic slushies!

Gin and Tonic Slushie
4 ounces gin (Sun Liquors Gun Club 100 proof)
2 ounces tonic syrup (Jack Rudy)

Fill the target cup full of ice, put ice in blender with gin and tonic. Blend. Pour back into cup. Be refreshed!

I love the new tonic syrups that are available. It makes it easy to create a great tasting gin and tonic at any time, with however much tonic tartness I want, and using my iSi soda siphon instead of having to keep tonic water on hand.

What’s your favorite way to cool down on a hot day?

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Sylvan July 2, 2013 at 9:34 am

Intrigued by your comment on tonic syrup, I checked some prices. At least at The Meadow in Portland, both brands of tonic syrup cost more per ounce than, say, Tanqueray gin. Heck, more than locally produced organic gins, more than the 100 proof Gun Club! Going to have to get off my butt and make some myself, as I already own the ingredients and equipment.


Stevi July 2, 2013 at 10:00 am

Sylvan, be sure to report back on your experiments!


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