MxMo XLV: Tea — Firenze

by Stevi on January 26, 2010

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It’s Mixology Monday yet again.1 This month is being hosted by Frederic & Co. over at Cocktail Virgin Slut, and our topic is tea. Fred’s instructions:

Find or concoct a drink recipe that uses tea or tisane (a herbal “tea” which lacks tea leaves) as an ingredient. This can be hot tea, cold tea, tea syrups, or infusions and use it in a cocktail, punch, or other drink type. Be careful how long you infuse them (after 2 hours, things get really bitter!) if you go that route, and feel free to take a shortcut and use Beefeater 24 which has tea already in the botanical mix.



My excuse for being late is that I was out doing research.2 A few days ago I was at Coho Café and took a glance at their newest cocktail menu. The latest menu has some nice additions, including a bourbon rickey, that I look forward to trying.

Bartender Steve Shabro brought my attention to one of his drinks on the menu, the Firenze, which combines Earl Grey tea, Tuaca, and agave nectar. Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas. I love the scent of bergamot wafting out of my cup.


1.5 ounces Tuaca
agave nectar (sub honey)
6 ounces Earl Grey tea

make a nice strong Earl Grey tea. Add Tuaca and agave nectar to taste. Stir, garnish with orange twist.

With the only alcohol coming from Tuaca, which is 70 proof (35% ABV), this is a pretty light take on a classic toddy. It’s very tasty, too. The tea can take a lot of sweetness. The agave nectar works well here as an additional sweetener, blending nicely with the other flavors. The orange in the Tuaca is a natural accompaniment to the bergamot in the tea, creating a smooth flavor profile.

Definitely a nice take on the tea ritual, and one I’ll add to my hot toddy rotation.

Thanks to Frederic for a great topic. Be sure to stop by Cocktail Virgin Slut for the full write up, as well as a constant stream of great cocktail recipes!

[1] Well, OK, I am a little late. Let’s call it Tipsy Tuesday3
[2] That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!
[3] AD: Kaite McGrew4
[4] AD — Attribution, Dammit!

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Frederic January 26, 2010 at 11:00 pm

Was worth the wait! Thanks again for your Mixology Monday submission!


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