Right Gin and the Zummy Cocktail

by Stevi on March 28, 2009

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Right Gin is not afraid to say it – they want to be the gin for people who think they don’t like gin. It is, after all, created by people who thought they should like gin but couldn’t find one that worked for them. As you know, I already know I like gin, but was happy to receive a bottle of this gin produced in Sweden to sample.

Personally, I have to wonder what gins they did try, considering their big complaint was a heavy, oily aftertaste. That’s a problem I find exists mainly in the cheaper gins that come in plastic bottles. Right’s suggested retail price is $40, which means it wants to play in the premium gin category.

Zummy Cocktail

Zummy Cocktail

That aside, the makers of Right Gin have succeeded in their mission. There’s just enough juniper in the flavor profile to qualify as a gin. Some of us like to joke that people should view gin as a juniper flavored vodka, and that’s what Right Gin is. This product is made with grain neutral spirit made from corn which is distilled five times and soft water from Lake Bolmen, Sweden. The botanicals are all separately distilled and then blended to provide greater control over the final product.

On the nose, Right has a faint scent of juniper and pepper, but otherwise quite clean. On the tongue, there is also the faint juniper. The coriander and cardamom are also present in a very pleasant way. There is supposed to be lemon, bitter orange, lime, and bergamot, but they were not very noticeable to me. Then comes the aftertaste of the Sarawak black pepper. The marketing  materials state this is supposed to be a light aftertaste, but I find it to be quite strong, but still pleasant.

Right does go very well in a gin and tonic. I think here is where I most noticed the contribution of the soft water, which is soft and rich on the tongue.

I’ve begun to notice that the gins I like in gin and tonics are the ones I like least in martinis. Naturally Right Gin is trying to position itself as a martini gin, but for me, it was just flat and unexciting, probably because the flavor profile is so mild.

One drink I did find that Right worked well in is the Zummy. This is a drink I discovered in The Essential Bartender’s Guide by Robert Hess, which has been published by Mud Puddle Books.

Zummy Cocktail

0.75 oz gin (Right Gin)
0.75 oz Bénédictine
0.5 oz sweet vermouth
0.5 oz dry vermouth
1 dash Campari

Stir over ice and strain into cocktail glass.

With this much Bénédictine in the final drink, this is a sweeter cocktail, but very well balanced. This is a case where I’d always go with an extra dry vermouth and not use a bianco or Lillet as a replacement, as it needs the balance to the sweet vermouth and Bénédictine. And you can always up the Campari to add more balance for your palate.

I think Right will make an excellent gateway gin for people who think they just can’t bear it. It may not find a permanent place in my cabinet, but I wouldn’t turn down a Right gin and tonic.

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